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Book Bits | 8 July 2017

Will Robots Take Your Job?: A Plea for Consensus By Nigel M. de S. Cameron
Summary via publisher (Polity)
The trend that began with ATMs and do-it-yourself checkouts is moving at lightning speed. Everything from driving to teaching to the care of the elderly and, indeed, code-writing can now be done by smart machines. Conventional wisdom says there will be new jobs to replace those we lose – but is it so simple? And are we ready? Technology writer and think-tank director Nigel Cameron argues it’s naive to believe we face a smooth transition. Whether or not there are “new” jobs, we face massive disruption as the jobs millions of us are doing get outsourced to machines. A twenty-first-century “rust belt” will rapidly corrode the labor market and affect literally hundreds of different kinds of jobs simultaneously.
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