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5 Questions For Bob Dieli, NoSpinForecast.com

The Treasury yield curve continues to flatten, which is widely viewed as a warning sign for the economy. The 10-year/2-year spread fell to 59 basis points on Tuesday (Nov. 21), the lowest in a decade. But the US economic profile looks solid. The mixed messages have more than a few analysts and investors scratching their heads. For some perspective, The Capital Spectator chatted with Bob Dieli, an economist at RDLB, Inc., a boutique consultancy that publishes business-cycle analysis at www.NoSpinForecast.com.
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Macro Briefing: 22 November 2017

FCC releases plan to repeal regs that ensure equal access to internet: NY Times
Fed is concerned that US labor market may be overheating: Bloomberg
Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index rises sharply in Oct: Chicago Fed
US existing home sales up 2% in Oct: Reuters
Optimism continues to lift world equity markets: Reuters
Vanguard projects stock returns of 4%-6% for medium term: CNBC
Blackrock: Flattening yield curve isn’t a warning sign for the US economy: CNBC
10-Year/2-Year Treasury spread falls to 59 basis points, lowest since 2007: