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US Business Cycle Risk Report | 20 December 2017

Positive momentum continues to drive the US economy forward, keeping recession risk low and providing upbeat estimates for the near-term outlook. With the White House poised to sign tax-cut legislation this week, the macro trend looks set to receive fresh stimulus to keep economic growth bubbling. The probability of recession in the near term, as a result, remains virtually nil.
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Macro Briefing: 20 December 2017

Senate passes tax-cut bill and prepares to send it to Trump: The Hill
SEC halts trading in shares of bitcoin-focused Crypto Company: CNN
US single-family housing starts rise to 10yr high in Nov: Reuters
JPMorgan estimates US debt sales set to reach 8yr high in 2018: Bloomberg
Global investors raise cash allocations, now above 10yr avg: MNI
A bitcoin exchange in South Korea goes bust after back: CNN
US 10yr yield rises to 2.46%, highest since late-October: Dow Jones