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Growth Stock Rally Continues To Overshadow Value Investing

The exuberance in the US stock market of late may or may not be irrational, but the party atmosphere in the value corner of equities (companies that are inexpensively priced) is subdued vs. the celebratory surge for growth shares (firms expected to grow at above market rates). Although both measures of US companies in the large-cap space are posting solid gains, the gap in favor of growth has become conspicuously wide lately.
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Macro Briefing: 16 January 2018

Risk of US government shutdown looms as Jan. 19 deadline approaches: CNN
Turkey’s president warns of attack against US-backed rebels in Syria: Reuters
Oil rises three-year high, supported by global growth and production cuts: Reuters
Wall Street eyes higher inflation in 2018: Bloomberg
Research claims “single actor” lifted Bitcoin to $1000 from $150: TechCrunch
China’s crackdown on Bitcoin accelerates: CNBC
Boeing unveils supersonic plane design for speeds up to Mach 5: Fox
US policy uncertainty is rising: Econobrowser