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Will Trump’s Meeting With North Korea’s Kim Lead To Peace?

Talking about peace is always better than threatening war. By that standard, President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un – the first time a sitting US president has met with a North Korean leader – can be called a success. But the lack of substance, other than a joint statement announcing a goal to denuclearize the Korean peninsula at some point in the future, is a reminder that the photo optics are easy. Genuine, verifiable progress, on the other hand, is hard and on that front it’s not yet obvious that anything has changed with respect to North Korea.
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Macro Briefing: 12 June 2018

Trump and N. Korea’s Kim sign agreement to de-nuke Korean peninsula: Reuters
US opens new defacto embassy in Taiwan, angering China: Reuters
Will another Fed rate hike set off recession alarm? WSJ
US Treasury imposes sanctions on Russian individuals and companies: Reuters
Internet neutrality ended on Monday: Here’s what to expect: The Verge
ETF price war spreads to fixed income and gold funds: FT
A closer look at demographics as a factor in slower growth: VoxEU
US consumer inflation expectations in May hold steady at 3.0%: NY Fed
Fed funds futures pricing in 96% probability for rate hike on Wed (June 13): CME