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An Analyst Says Asset Allocation “In Serious Decline.” Really?

A Forbes columnist last week warned that asset allocation is falling on hard times. Rob Isbitts, founder and chief investment officer of Sungarden Investment Research, writes that “if you started investing in a typical asset allocation strategy any time since mid-2012, your returns have been progressively worse.” Using a set of BlackRock asset allocation ETFs as evidence, he says the standard asset allocation strategy has “lost its mojo.”
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Macro Briefing: 15 August 2018

A hodgepodge of results for Dems and GOP in Tuesday’s primaries: Politico
Turkey raises tariffs on US imports as banking authorities support lira: Reuters
US warns of more tariffs for Turkey if pastor isn’t freed: Reuters
Democrats and Republicans shunning capitalism: Yahoo Finance
Are US trade tariffs on China part of a grander strategic policy? SCMP
Be wary of using one indicator for factor analysis: ETF.com
US stock market rise is close to longest bull market on record: LPL
US small business optimism in July edged up to 2nd highest level in 45 years: NFIB
Active management’s death has been greatly exaggerated: Barry Ritholtz
US y-o-y import prices tick up to 6-1/2-year high in July: MarketWatch