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US Equity Bull Run: Second Longest Based On Economic Expansions

How old is the bull market in US stocks? By some accounts, we’re knee-deep in the oldest run on record. But some analysts beg to differ. Thanks to several possibilities for measuring such things, there’s a debate about the appropriate methodology for dating the age of the current run-up in stock prices. Here’s one more: measuring the bull market from the point when the last NBER-defined recession ended. By that measure, the current rise is the second longest on record, based on modern history of the S&P 500 (since the mid-1950s).
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Macro Briefing: 11 September 2018

China to ask WTO for sanctions on US in trade dispute: Reuters
Former PBOC gov: US tariffs bringing Russia and China closer: CNBC
US Southeast coast braces for Hurricane Florence: CNN
Trump adviser threatens Syria if chemical weapons used: Time
World hunger rises as climate change curbs access to food: Bloomberg
N. Korea’s Kim asks Trump for a second summit: BBC
Many Americans still struggling a decade after financial crisis: LA Times
Are junk bonds a “new safe haven” for investors? MarketWatch
US consumer credit rose at 5.1% annual rate in July: MarketWatch