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Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes | 2 October 2018

The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) was unchanged in September, holding steady at an annualized 5.0% — matching the estimate in the previous month. The performance forecast for GMI (an unmanaged market-value-weighted portfolio that holds all the major asset classes) reflects the premium over the projection for the “risk-free” rate for the long run.
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Macro Briefing: 2 October 2018

Key differences in Trump’s replacement for Nafta: CNBC
Trump appears set for protracted economic war with China: Bloomberg
US Navy reports ‘unsafe’ encounter with a Chinese warship: CNN
US air strikes in Somalia target militants: Reuters
McConnell: Senate to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination this week: The Hill
US construction spending up 0.1% in Aug, led by public sector: MW
ISM Mfg Index for US slipped in Sep after 14-year high the month before: CNBC
US Mfg PMI rose to 4-month high in Sep: IHS Markit
WTI crude oil jumps to four-year high: MW