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Deep-Value ETF Report: A Slightly Longer List

The search for deep-value plays in the ETF realm delivered a short list in August, when markets were humming far and wide. Let’s take a fresh review of the landscape in the wake of recent selling, which has pinched nearly every corner of global stocks, bonds, and real estate securities. Commodities have fared better in recent weeks, but this slice of the major asset classes was already suffering from a longer-run perspective and so there are still plenty of relative bargains on this front.
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Macro Briefing: 9 October 2018

IMF: trade war will pinch economic growth in US and China in 2019: CNN
Trump ignores UN’s dire report on climate change: NY Times
Hurricane Michael strengthens as it approaches Florida’s panhandle: Reuters
US Treasury yields edge up to new multi-year highs in early Tues trading: CNBC
Nobel prize in economics awarded for climate change and tech innovation: WaPo
No political fix expected for rising US debt load: Bloomberg