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US Growth Slowdown Expected To Continue In Q4

Early estimates of GDP growth for the US in the fourth quarter point to another round of deceleration, based on the median for a set of projections compiled by The Capital Spectator. Although it’s still early in the quarter, leaving room for changes in the outlook based on incoming data, the preliminary numbers hint at the possibility that growth will continue to cool in the final three months of 2018.
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Macro Briefing: 7 November 2018

Democrats take back the House; GOP holds Senate: MarketWatch
A Democratic House is eager to take on Trump: Politico
House Democrats will probably change US foreign policy: Reuters
How will the election results influence the stock market? CNBC
Global economic growth edged up at the start of Q4: IHS Markit
PMI data for Eurozone: growth slowed to lowest pace in over 2 years: IHS Markit
US job openings dipped in Sep but still near record high: CNBC