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Mideast Stocks Are Outlier As World Regional Equity Markets Sink

The widespread selling in equity markets around the world has left most regions in the red for year-to-date performance, based on a set of exchange-traded funds as of yesterday’s close (Nov. 20). The conspicuous exception: stocks in the Middle East. The US market, which has fallen sharply in recent weeks, is holding on to a fractional gain for 2018, but the razor-thin increase is no match for the still-solid increase so far this year for markets in the Middle East
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Macro Briefing: 21 November 2018

Trump inclined to give Saudis a pass on Khashoggi killing: The Hill
Trump responds to special counsel over alleged Russian meddling: BBC
Stock market’s slide may be a warning on the economy: NY Times
China’s gov’t tells economists to consider state’s interests: Bloomberg
China expanding island-building in South China Sea, report claims: Reuters
Philippines signals closer ties with China: CNN
US GDPNow Q4 estimate slips to moderate +2.5% pace: Atlanta Fed
US housing starts rebounded in Oct, but annual change turned negative: HW