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Lehman’s Lessons

The tenth anniversary this past September of the collapse of Lehman Brothers inspired a blizzard of commentary, including some deeply misguided observations. One misunderstanding is that Lehman’s demise caused the Great Recession. In fact, the downturn started months earlier in the US, as NBER’s recession dates show. But there’s room for debate on the question of whether the government’s decision to let economic gravity have its way with Lehman turned what might have been a moderate downturn into the deepest contraction since the Great Depression.
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Macro Briefing: 13 December 2018

Pelosi secures deal to be next Speaker of the House: Slate
Developments in Mueller probe whip up impeachment talk among Dems: Fox
UK prime minister survives leadership vote: CNBC
Britain’s weakened prime minister heads to Brussels for help: Reuters
IEA: US influence in global oil market set to rise: CNBC
Rising US-China tensions over South China Sea stocking fears of clash: SCMP
Criticism of indexing (still) falls flat: Barry Ritholtz
US consumer inflation (headline) slowed to 2.2% annual rate in Nov: MW