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Treasury Inflation Forecasts Resume Slide Ahead Of Fed Meeting

A worrisome decline in the Treasury market’s implied inflation forecasts that began last October appeared to stabilize in the new year. But over the last week the downside bias has returned, raising questions about monetary policy ahead of tomorrow’s Federal Reserve’s policy meeting (Jan. 30), which will unveil new forecasts, a possible but unlikely change in interest rates and a press conference by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.
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Macro Briefing: 29 January 2019

US filed criminal charges against Huawei, China’s tech giant: Bloomberg
White House announces sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company: CNBC
Republicans considering blocking a future gov’t shutdown: Politico
Liability from California wildfires forces PG&E to file for bankruptcy: WSJ
Fed’s ongoing asset-shedding operation is a policy challenge: Reuters
US Bureau of Economic Analysis: key economic reports will be delayed: BEA
Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index (3-mo avg) indicates moderate US growth in Dec: