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Weak Housing Construction Suggests Softer US Growth Ahead

New residential housing construction was surprisingly weak in December, presenting more evidence for assuming that the US economic growth will continue to slow. Housing permits perked up, providing a degree of optimism for expecting that building activity will rebound in the months ahead. But reviewing both indicators on a rolling one-year basis suggests that the housing trend has weakened — a trend that will create headwinds for the US economy in the months ahead.
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Macro Briefing: 27 February 2019

Pakistan shot down 2 Indian jets, raising threat of wider war: WSJ
Trump says N. Korea has ‘awesome’ potential ahead of meeting with Kim: Reuters
House passes law that rejects Trump’s declaration of border emergency: Reuters
Economic signals suggest China’s growth is picking up: Bloomberg
Fed chairman: unlimited borrowing via Modern Monetary Theory is ‘wrong’: CNBC
Home prices in US rose in Dec at slowest pace since 2015: CNBC
Richmond Fed: mfg activity in district strengthened in Feb: Richmond Fed
US housing starts fell to 2yr low in Dec, but permits suggest rebound is near: MW