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Major Asset Classes | Correlations Profile | 30 April 2019

Do lower and negative correlations between markets enhance diversification for building diversified portfolios and (potentially) earning higher risk-adjusted returns? If the answer is “yes,” Mr. Market has become moderately more generous in spots in recent months by expanding the opportunity set of relatively low and negative correlations across asset classes.
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Macro Briefing: 30 April 2019

Trump sues banks to block congressional subpoenas: USA Today
N. Korea issues new warning to US for denuclearization talks: CNBC
Rod Rosenstein, US deputy attorney general, submits resignation: Reuters
China’s mfg sector expanding at slower-than-expected rate in April: CNBC
Eurozone GDP growth accelerated in first quarter: RTT
Climate change is a rising factor in choices for US farming: NY Times
Will US small-cap stocks benefit from a stronger dollar? WSJ
Texas factory growth accelerated in April: Dallas Fed
US consumer spending 1yr growth picked up; disposable income trend weakened: