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Is The Fed Losing Control Of Inflation?

Judging by several key economic indicators, it’s reasonable to assume that inflation will remain steady a moderate pace. US GDP growth in the first quarter quickened to a solid 3.2% increase and the labor market expanded at a strong pace in April. Later this year, the expansion will become the longest on record for the US. Such numbers suggest that inflation should be stable if not accelerating. But for reasons that no one fully understands, pricing pressure has been tepid and may be poised to slow further in the months ahead.

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Macro Briefing: 17 May 2019

China’s state media downplays odds for resuming trade talks with US: Bloomberg
Is US inflation too low? Yes, according to Fed officials: NY Times
Fed official: inflation-jobless rate link ‘has broken down’: Reuters
Survey: economists think US recession risk has increased: Reuters
Euro-area core inflation revised up to highest pace since 2017: Bloomberg
US jobless claims fell last week, sticking close to 50yr low: MW
Philly Fed Manufacturing Index increases to four-month high in May: MW
US housing starts rose more than expected in April but 1yr trend still negative: