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Macro Briefing: 24 May 2019

US proposes tariffs on nations with undervalued currencies: Bloomberg
UK Prime Minister May announces resignation: Reuters
India’s Prime Minister Modi wins second term: NY Times
Inflation in Japan edged up to 3yr high in April: Reuters
New US home sales fell in April after reaching post-recession high: MW
US jobless claims dip to 211k, close to 50-year low: MW
KC Fed region factory growth is sluggish in May: KC Fed
US economic sentiment falls to 3-year low in May via Composite PMI: IHS Markit

Alternatives To Correlation For Quantifying Diversification

Diversification is famously described as the only free lunch in investing and so it’s no surprise that modeling, analyzing and otherwise dissecting the concept is a core part of portfolio design and management. The correlation coefficient is often the go-to metric in this corner of finance. But like any one statistical measure, there are pros and cons with correlation and so relying on it exclusively can be misleading at times. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

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Macro Briefing: 23 May 2019

Trump rules out working with Dems on infrastructure legislation: WSJ
Pessimism rising for outlook re: US-China trade conflict: Bloomberg
US Navy sails through Taiwan Strait, again: Reuters
PMI: Eurozone growth remains subdued in May: IHS Markit
British prime minister reportedly ready to resign: CNBC
Fed minutes: no rate changes on the horizon: CNBC
Vanguard issues new 10yr return forecasts for US stocks (4%-6%):
5-year Treasury inflation forecast falls to four-month low — 1.68%:

Macro Briefing: 22 May 2019

US: Syria may be using chemical weapons again: Reuters
Pressure on House Speaker rises to begin Trump impeachment: The Hill
St. Louis Fed Chief lays out case for cutting rates: WSJ
US considers blacklisting several Chinese tech firms: Bloomberg
China’s ambassador to the US: Beijing still willing to talk on trade: MW
The Fed is worried about low inflation and a strong economy: NY Times
UK Prime Minister May’s final Brexit gambit implodes: Reuters
Americans’ confidence in US job market rises to record high (since 2001): Gallup
US existing home sales in April continue to slide for one-year comparison: MW

Macro Briefing: 21 May 2019

Federal judge rules Trump must give financial records to House: Fox
House Dem leaders spar on whether to move forward with impeachment: The Hill
Iran dramatically increases production of uranium: Reuters
US slows hiring of Chinese nationals for semiconductor firms: WSJ
Fed Chair Powell: rising corp debt isn’t a threat, at least not yet: CNBC
Will China ban rare-earth elements that are critical for tech industry? Stratfor
Emerging markets bearing brunt of escalating US-China trade war: CNBC
Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index (3mo avg) fell to 3-year low in April:

Macro Briefing: 20 May 2019

Trump warns Iran against threats to the US: Fox
US warships sail through disputed area in S. China Sea: Reuters
Japan’s economy unexpectedly grew in the first quarter: BBC
Top US tech firms begin to restrict use of China’s Huawei: Bloomberg
OPEC signals it will extend production cuts through end of year: MW
Conservative Australian Prime Minister wins re-election: AP
US Leading Economic Indicator in April points to ongoing expansion: CB
US Consumer Sentiment Index surged in May to 15-year high: UoM