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Exploring Simplicity In Tactically Managed ETF Portfolios

Risk management has become a high priority for many investors over the past decade. The worst financial crisis and recession since the Great Depression in 2008-2009 clearly has the power to focus minds. Research shops have moved heaven and earth to search for solutions that attempt to limit risk without sacrificing return. The question is whether simplicity is competitive in this quest? As a preliminary investigation, consider a humble strategy that toggles back and forth between two BlackRock asset allocation ETFs.
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Macro Briefing | 12 September 2019

Trump delays China tariffs ahead of trade talks: BBC
Supreme Court OKs new asylum restrictions: CNN
European Central Bank expected to roll out new stimulus plan: CNBC
A new refugee crisis for Europe may be lurking: NY Times
US exported more oil than Saudi Arabia in June: Bloomberg
US wholesale inflation ticked up to relatively subdued +1.8% in Aug: MW
Eurozone industrial output fell more than expected in July: FT