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Are Current US Stock Market Returns Extraordinary?

The bull run in US equities in recent years strikes many investors as something other than a run-of-the-mill rally. Although Mr. Market has dispensed several sharp corrections, it’s hard to overlook the fact that a buy-and-hold strategy for, say, an S&P 500 Index fund has been a mostly non-stop party of late. Is that unusual? The answer depends on your definition of “unusual” and your choice of a time window. For some perspective, let’s stack up the latest trailing performances for the S&P against its track record through the decades.
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Macro Briefing | 7 January 2020

Bolton willing to testify but no sign Senate will issue subpoena: Politico
White House denies visa to Iranian diplomat to attend UN meeting: The Hill
Does escalating US-Iran conflict offer strategic opportunities for China? CNN
France and EU prepare to respond to new US tariffs: AP
Global growth picked up in December via PMI survey data: IHS Markit
Is latest jump in Eurozone inflation, retails sales a temporary bounce? ING
US Services PMI: moderate growth picked up to 5-month high in Dec: IHS Markit