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Will This Week’s Data Derail Moderate US Economic Optimism?

Economic pessimism for the US has had a rough ride in recent years. The macro trend has wobbled several times since the last official recession ended in 2009, but each time the economy righted itself and the expansion rolled on. But new doubts emerged in the second half of 2019 and the long knives of dark predictions returned anew. For now, the pessimists have been proven wrong, again. In fact, there are hints that growth may be picking up a bit. Key data releases later this week will stress test the case for optimism. Here’s a quick review of what’s on the docket for economic reports in the days ahead.

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Macro Briefing | 14 January 2020

US Defense Sec: US has right to strike Iranian proxies in Iraq, Iran: NPR
US Treasury ends ‘currency manipulator’ label for China ahead of trade deal: BBC
GOP senators not likely to dismiss Trump charges ahead of trial: Reuters
US-Eurozone trade talks in focus next week: Bloomberg
US budget deficit topped $1 trillion in 2019–seven-year high: CNBC
India’s inflation spikes to five-year high due to food prices: Reuters
BlackRock: climate change at center of firm’s investment strategy: Fortune
Economic woes deepen in Iran as public’s tolerance wears thin: NY Times
US Dollar Index’s downside bias appears to be strengthening: