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Forecasting Global Reported Cases Of Coronavirus

Healthcare risk isn’t usually the leading factor in economic analysis, but the rise of coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the focus and the calculus. Covid-19, in short, is on everyone’s short list for modeling the near-term macro outlook, in the US and around the world. At some point this, too, shall pass and something approximating a “normal” environment for economic analysis will return. Meantime, the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 is shredding the usual macro modeling efforts. With that in mind, here begins a preliminary and evolving effort by CapitalSpectator.com for projecting the near-term path of cumulative reported cases of Covid-19 on a global basis, using a proprietary econometric forecasting methodology.

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Macro Briefing | 27 February 2020

Govt’s around the world take more aggressive stance on coronavirus: Reuters
Trump announces VP Mike Pence to lead US coronavirus response: USA Today
First US coronavirus infection reported not linked to int’l travel: NY Times
New coronavirus cases reported in S. Korea tops China for first time: SCMP
US-S. Korea military drills on hold due to coronavirus: Reuters
Is the stock market selloff just getting started? Bloomberg
Eurozone economic sentiment rebounds in Feb–fourth month of improvement: EC
New US home sales surged to 13-year high in January: Bloomberg