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Should You React To The Surge In Stock Market Volatility?

The coronavirus that’s roiling world markets and raising questions about the economic outlook has triggered a familiar shock to stocks: higher volatility. Is this a reason to change your asset allocation, rebalance the portfolio or modify risk management decisions? Maybe, but maybe not. There is no generic answer for everyone because every investor is different due to risk tolerance, time horizon, investment objectives, and so on. But while customized advice and analysis isn’t appropriate here, it can’t hurt to review some basic points for volatility as a risk metric.

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Macro Briefing | 5 March 2020

Considering the case for why the Fed may cut rates again: WSJ
California declares state of emergency due to coronavirus: Reuters
Opec expected to call for big cut in oil production to counter falling prices: CNBC
Global economy contracted in February, according to survey data: IHS Markit
Coronavirus impact on US economy shows up in Fed Beige Book reoprt: MW
US services sector growth picked up in Feb via ISM Non-Mfg Index: ISM
US Services PMI shows mild contraction in Feburary: IHS Markit
US private hiring slowed in Feb but continued to rise at healthy pace: ADP