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Rebalancing: It’s Still Everyone’s Main Risk-Management Strategy

It’s old news that’s forever relevant: rebalancing is the worst choice for managing risk… except when compared with everything else. Granted, it’s not a silver bullet (nothing is) and in the hands of an amateur it can lead to trouble. But when paired with a reasonable asset allocation and a schedule of periodically resetting weights, rebalancing remains the first choice for managing portfolio risk.

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Macro Briefing | 16 July 2020

White House orders hospitals to send Covid-19 data to Washington: CNBC
Trump signs law sanctioning Chinese officials: Politico
China will stick with US trade deal despite new pressure from Washington: Reuters
US retail sales expected to rise for second month in today’s report: CNBC
Evidence strengthens that mask-wearing slows Covid-19 spread: VOX
Hacker hijacks high-profile Twitter accounts in cryptocurrency scam: TC
UK labor market continues to shed jobs but at slower rate in June: Reuters
China reports economic rebound from coronavirus: Q2 GDP up 3.2%: CNBC
Former Fed Chairman Bernanke: Congress should ‘save the states’: NY Times
US industrial output surged in June after dramatic decline in May: Bloomberg