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This Year’s Bull Run In Precious Metals Accelerates

The under-the-radar gains for several corners of the precious and base metals markets are drawing wider attention as buying heats up. Although year-to-date gains aren’t uniformly positive for all corners of the metals market, recent trading action suggests a bull sweep is possible in the weeks ahead as momentum builds, based on set of exchange-traded products through yesterday’s close (July 23).

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Macro Briefing | 24 July 2020

Trump cancels parts of Republican convention, citing coronavirus: CNBC
China orders US consulate in Chengdu to close–retaliation for Houston: CNN
US Covid-19 deaths above 1,100 for third straight day: Reuters
Senate GOP will delay release of coronavirus relief plan to next week: CNBC
US fighter jet came dangerously close to Iranian passenger plane over Syria: BBC
US dollar on track for weakest month since start of 2018: Bloomberg
Gold, copper and silver–unusually–are rising together this year: The Economist
PMI data: Eurozone economic output grew in July–first rise since Feb: IHS Markit
UK economy rebounds in July via PMI data–biggest increase in 5 years: IHS Markit
US Leading Econonmic Index continued to rise in June but pace slowed: MW
US jobless claims turned higher last week–a new warning for the economy: CNBC