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Treasury Market Yawns At Fed’s New Inflation Policy

When a central bank announces a formal policy change to lift inflation it’s reasonable to expect that the government bond market would notice. But so far there are few signs that US Treasuries are reacting to last month’s roll out of the Fed’s average inflation targeting (AIT) policy, which is designed to “moderately overshoot” the 2% target for “some time,” the bank’s chair, Jerome Powell, explained last month.

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Macro Briefing: 15 September 2020

Hurricane Sally begins lashing Gulf Coast: Reuters
Historic Arab-Israel diplomatic deals set for signing ceremony today: AP
No relief in site from wildfires burning across US West: AP
Minimal guidance expected from Fed on new policy for setting rates: BBG
25 years of global progress on health and economics reversed this year: Politico
Researchers find no evidence of a small-cap risk premium: II
China’s consumer and industrial data show rebound continued in August: CNBC
German investor sentiment rises in September, beating expectations: Reuters
Consumer inflation expectations tick up to 3.0% for 1-year horizon: NYF
US economy’s full recovery will take additional 6 months without stimulus: BBG
Real Treasury yields stay negative for more than five months: