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Will Value Stocks Overtake Growth Shares After The Election?

Citigroup analysts say the probability is rising for a recovery in the value risk factor, which has trailed the equivalent for growth stocks in recent years. It’s anyone’s guess if they’re right. The market gods are consistently shy about revealing such insights in advance. Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that many forecasts in recent years have argued that value is on the cusp of a rebound only to see the relentless dominance in growth persist. But maybe it’s different this time.

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Macro Briefing: 15 October 2020

Half of Americans say they would be reluctant to take new Covid-19 vaccine: WSJ
Europe battling resurgent coronavirus infections: CNBC
Thailand bans large gatherings amid pro-democracy protests: CNN
China’s consumer inflation eases to slowest in 19 months: Reuters
Record demand for China’s first direct bond offering to US investors: FT
Global oil demand expected to peak in 2030, Int’l Energy Agency predicts: MW
Mexican farmers attack soliders, seize dam in battle over US-directed water: NYT
Wall St trading boosts bank earnings as Main St operations stumble: NYT
Will long-suffering value stocks shine after election? Yes, predicts Citigroup: BBG