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Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes | 5 January 2021

The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) for the long run continued to tick higher in December. Today’s revised estimate rose to an annualized 5.5%, based on current data. That’s up from last month’s 5.3% projection. These forecasts represent long-run outlooks for the index’s performance over the “risk-free” rate via a risk-based model (details below).

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Macro Briefing: 5 January 2021

* US Senate control hangs in the balance in today’s Georgia runoff election
* South Korea tanker diverted to Iran by Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops
* Chicago Fed president: monetary policy will be accomodative ‘for a long time’
* NYSE halts delisting of Chinese telecom companies
* Retail, jobless data suggest German economy remains resilient during pandemic
* UK recession threat deepens as new pandemic lockdown unfolds
* Global mfg growth held near decade highs in Dec, according to PMI survey data
* US construction spending rose to record high in November
* US mfg recovery from pandemic endured in December via PMI survey data: