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Macro Briefing: 28 January 2022

* Biden focuses on presenting united front with Europe re: tensions with Russia
* Russia says it won’t start a war over Ukraine
* US employers dealing with highest labor costs in 20 years
* Petro states set to supply rising share of West’s fossil fuels
* German economy shrank 0.7% in Q4 while France’s economy rebounded
* Apple reports strong quarterly revenue gain as supply-chain crunch eases
* Jobless claims in US eased last week–first decrease in four weeks
* US pending home sales fell again in December amid shrinking inventory
* US durable goods orders fell in December — first decline in 3 months
* US economic growth accelerated in Q4 — faster than expected:

Macro Briefing: 27 January 2022

* Justice Breyer to retire, giving Biden a choice for shaping Supreme Court
* Federal Reserve hints at possibility of several interest rate hikes this year
* US formally rejects Russian demand to bar Ukraine from NATO
* Russia and Ukraine will continue ceasefire talks
* N. Korea continues ballistic missile tests–its sixth round of launches this month
* Will Taiwan’s key role in producing computer chips trigger US-China conflict?
* UBS agrees to buy robo adviser Wealthfront for $1.4 billion
* New US home sales rose to a 9-month high in December:

Macro Briefing: 26 January 2022

* US working to supply Europe with energy supplies to blunt a Russian gas cutoff
* New omicron variant discovered and it’s spreading fast but little is known of risks
* Fed expected to signal a March interest rate hike today
* Gold is rising this year amid increased geopolitical tensions and market turmoil
* IMF says global recovery is ‘disrupted’ and cuts global growth forecast
* Falling stock prices may not delay the Fed’s hawkish policy choices this time
* US computer chip supplies near extreme lows
* US Consumer Confidence Index fell in January after gains in 2021’s Q4
* US home prices ease on year-over-year basis but still running hot:

Macro Briefing: 25 January 2022

* US puts 8500 troops on alert for possible deployment to Eastern Europe
* Europe considers the risk of Russia cutting off gas supplies
* China breaches Taiwan airspace with dozens of warplanes
* Does China’s zero-Covid policy put it at disadvantage to the West
* Is the Fed’s current pivot to tighter policy too little too late?
* Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index: US growth slowed to 11-month low in December
* US economic growth slows to a crawl in January via PMI survey data:

Macro Briefing: 24 January 2022

* Ukraine receives second weapons shipment from US amid Russia threat
* US considers moving troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics to counter Russia
* US and UK withdrawing staff from Ukraine embassies
* US food supply under pressure as Omicron exacerbates worker shortages
* Eurozone growth slows to an 11-month low in January via PMI survey data
* German economy shows resilience in January despite weaker Eurozone trend
* The Fed may be forced to hike rates four times this year, Goldman Sachs advises
* US Treasury market inflation forecasts remain below recent peaks: