Book Bits | 11 November 2017

Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter
By Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler
Summary via publisher (HarperCollins)
We think of money as numbers, values, and amounts, but when it comes down to it, when we actually use our money, we engage our hearts more than our heads. Emotions play a powerful role in shaping our financial behavior, often making us our own worst enemies as we try to save, access value, and spend responsibly. In Dollars and Sense, bestselling author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely teams up with financial comedian and writer Jeff Kreisler to challenge many of our most basic assumptions about the precarious relationship between our brains and our money. In doing so, they undermine many of personal finance’s most sacred beliefs and explain how we can override some of our own instincts to make better financial choices.
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Research Review | 10 November 2017 | Factor Strategies

Investing in a Multi-Asset Multi-Factor World
Alexandar Cherkezov (Invesco), et al.
August 31, 2017
In this article, we advance the use of factor investing across multiple asset classes. It turns out that style factors well established in the equity domain – such as value, momentum or quality – do extend to other asset classes as well. Even more so, multi-asset multi-factors significantly expand the investment opportunity set relative to a traditional multi-asset universe. Seeking to exploit this potential, we put forward an innovative diversified risk parity strategy that is designed to strive for maximum diversification in the multi-asset multi-factor world. To illustrate the strategy’s merits, we investigate its stylized facts vis-à-vis more standard allocation approaches.
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Macro Briefing: 10 November 2017

Trump says US will no longer tolerate “chronic trade abuses”: BBC
Differences within GOP on tax reform may delay (or derail?) bill: Politico
The odds for substantial tax reform don’t look promising: The Atlantic
US jobless claims rise more than expected for week through Nov 4: Reuters
This year’s stock market rally is all about earnings: MarketWatch
Buffett, Gates, and Bezos have more wealth than half US population: Fortune
Is another government shutdown lurking for the US? Fiscal Times
US Q4 GDP growth estimate holds steady at a solid 3.3%: Atlanta Fed

Macro Briefing: 9 November 2017

Trump gives China a pass for “taking advantage” of US on trade: CBS News
US firms announce trade deals with China during Trump’s trip: Reuters
CBO: GOP tax reform will raise federal deficit by $1.7 trillion over 10yrs: CNBC
China’s inflation rises to fastest pace in 9 months in October: RTT
Is the GOP’s hold on Congress at risk after Dem’s electoral victories? NY Times
Citigroup CEO says US gov’t may issue its own digital  currency: Bloomberg
Will EU use Brexit deadlock to force UK firms to relocate to Europe? Telegraph
Morningstar’s new style box profiles alt funds’ diversification benefits: M-Star
Conventional wisdom is wrong: ETFs have been tested under fire: Bloomberg

Macro Briefing: 8 November 2017

Democrats score first electoral wins in Trump era: Politico
Trump’s agenda for his two-day China visit: trade and N. Korea: AP
China’s trade surplus with US narrows in Oct: Reuters
N. Korea dismisses Trump’s diplomatic outreach: CNN
Job openings in US remain strong in Sep: CNBC
Consumer credit rises in Sep, touching 10-month high: ABA Banking Journal
US economic growth has defied forecasts by the left: RCP
Economic confidence in US remains positive in Oct: Gallup

Macro Briefing: 7 November 2017

Trump in S. Korea talks of using military force if necessary: Reuters
Rising energy stocks help lift markets in Europe and Asia on Tuesday: WSJ
Is a war brewing between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon? Reuters
Global growth rate ticks up in October, according to survey data: IHS Markit
Eurozone growth is strong at start to Q4; job pace at decade high: IHS Markit
Hedge funds are a key force driving Bitcoin to a record $7400: NY Times
Crude oil rises to two-year high: Bloomberg