Macro Briefing: 28 November 2018

Russia says it will deploy new missiles to Crimea as Ukraine tensions rise: Reuters
Kudlow: US and China have re-engaged in trade talks ahead of G20 meeting: CNBC
Trump may cancel meeting with Putin at G20 after Russia-Ukraine clash: The Hill
Trump threatens to end GM’s electric car subsidies over factory closures: CNN
US gov’t shutdown risk rising over battle to fund border wall: Politico
Federal Housing Finance Agency: US house prices rose slowly in Q3: Housing Wire
US Consumer Confidence Index eased in Oct, but remains elevated: MW
US home price gains decelerate to slowest pace since Jan 2017: CNBC

Macro Briefing: 27 November 2018

Will Russia-Ukraine fight over sea passage trigger wider war? NY Times
US-China trade deal prospects dim after Trump’s comments: CNN
Early signs suggest China’s economy slowed for 6th month in Nov: Bloomberg
Trump dismisses climate-based econ warning in his administration’s report: BBC
Trump: UK-EU Brexit agreement could threaten US-UK trade deal: CNBC
House GOP rolls out huge tax bill for lame-duck Congress: Politico
GM announces hefty worker cuts and plant closures: CNN
Strong job market lifts Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index in Nov: MW

Macro Briefing: 26 November 2018

Russia seizes Ukraine naval ships off Crimean Peninsula: BBC
Russia reopens Kerch Strait to shipping after seizing Ukrainian naval ships: Reuters
EU approves UK’s Brexit deal: BBC
US shuts major crossing with Mexico as migrants rush border: WaPo
Global markets rebound on Monday: MW
Businesses consider Democratic proposals to raise corporate tax rate: The Hill
Eurozone growth slips to four-year low in Nov, according to PMI data: IHS Markit
US Composite PMI signals points to moderate growth in November: IHS Markit
US Treasury inflation forecast via 5yr Notes tumbled to 1.77%–lowest this year:

Book Bits | 24 November 2018

Fast Forward Investing: How to Profit from AI, Driverless Vehicles, Gene Editing, Robotics, and Other Technologies Reshaping Our Lives
By Jon D. Markman
Summary via publisher (McGraw-Hill)
Our lives are on the verge of being reshaped by advanced technology. Fast Forward Investing provides the knowledge and insight you need to build and maintain your portfolio accordingly. Author Jon D. Markman is a veteran tech investor, money manager, and author of the daily newsletter Tech Trend Trader. Markman describes what to expect, when to expect it, and how to profit in impending technological and economic revolution. Revealing the most important companies in the industry that are right now building platforms and competitive advantages that will disrupt and transform their markets, he shows which trends are important and provides detailed guidance for staying ahead of the curve.
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Macro Briefing: 23 November 2018

Trump and China President Xi prepared for trade talks next week: Bloomberg
Hillary Clinton tells Europe to curb migration for political reasons: Politico
Tensions rise as migrants mass at US-Mexico border: Reuters
Oil prices fall to 2018 low despite OPEC plans for ouput cut: Reuters
Trump’s feud with Chief Justice Roberts spills over to Thanksgiving: The Hill
Eurozone business activity in Nov grows at slowest rate in four years: IHS Markit
US jobless claims rose to 4-month high last week: CNBC
Existing home sales in US posted largest annual slide in four years in Oct: WSJ
Decline in US durable goods orders for Oct point to softer growth in Q4: WSJ
Leading economic index predicts US expansion will moderate: MW
US consumer sentiment remains elevated after second monthly dip: MW

Mideast Stocks Are Outlier As World Regional Equity Markets Sink

The widespread selling in equity markets around the world has left most regions in the red for year-to-date performance, based on a set of exchange-traded funds as of yesterday’s close (Nov. 20). The conspicuous exception: stocks in the Middle East. The US market, which has fallen sharply in recent weeks, is holding on to a fractional gain for 2018, but the razor-thin increase is no match for the still-solid increase so far this year for markets in the Middle East
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