The Capital Spectator Named A Top Economics & Finance Blog

Focus Economics, a consultancy that specializes in slicing, dicing and otherwise aggregating forecasts from various sources, rolled out its annual short list of “top blogs” in economics and finance for 2018 and The Capital Spectator made the grade. It’s a high honor, considering the prestigious roster of sites — 101 in all — that we’re rubbing shoulders with. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “The Capital Spectator Named A Top Economics & Finance Blog

  1. DanM

    Mr Picerno,
    If I may chime in, a good part of your blog’s strength is the clear, concise prose with which you bring to bear on complex, challenging economic issues. I presume this emanates your journalistic background. Too, I respect your reliance on statistical analysis over gut instincts; unfortunately, many analysts seem to do the opposite.

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