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Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes | 2 June 2020

The long-term forecast for the Global Market Index’s (GMI) risk premia ticked higher in May, rising for a second month after a run of declines earlier in the year. The revised annualized total return estimate for GMI is currently 4.5%, which reflects the index’s long-run projection over the “risk-free” rate, based on a risk-centered model outlined by Professor Bill Sharpe (details below).

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Macro Briefing | 2 June 2020

Trump considers using military to end protests: Bloomberg
CBO projects a slow US economic recovery after deep loss in Q2: CBO
US economic reopening plans challenged by protests in cities: NY Times
G7 members at odds over Trump’s plan to re-admit Russia: BBC
US dollar’s safe-haven status faces new challenges: Reuters
US construction spending dropped less than forecast in April: MW
A slightly softer US mfg recession in May via PMI survey data: IHS Markit
US ISM Manufacturing Index up modestly in May but still deep in recession: ISM