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Macro Briefing: 30 September 2021

* Senate Majority Leader Schumer announces deal to avert government shutdown
* Democrats are now the main threat to Biden’s economic agenda
* Central bankers expect supply-chain issues to prolong higher inflation
* China’s mfg sector contracted slightly in September, official data show
* An alternative mfg survey for China reports the sector stabilized in Sep
* UK economic growth revised sharply higher for Q2
* Family offices are increasingly considering crypto investments
* US pending home sales surged in August, surprising forecasters
* US 10-year Treasury yield continues to rise, reaching new 3-month high:

The ETF Portfolio Strategist: 29 September 2021

Blending bonds and stocks is a hardy perennial for asset allocation, primarily because of the negative return correlation between the two asset classes that’s prevailed in years past. That is, when stock prices fall (rise), bond prices rise (fall). But this negative correlation isn’t written in stone and fluctuates through time. Recent history suggests it’s fluctuating its way into positive terrain. If so, the diversification benefits of a stock/bond portfolio will fade and possibly evaporate altogether, depending on how positive the return correlation becomes and how long it lasts.

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Macro Briefing: 29 September 2021

* Treasury Sec. Yellen: US runs out of money on Oct. 18 without higher debt ceiling
* Biden focuses on two Democratic senators to save $3.5 trillion plan
* JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon says US default would be ‘potentially catastrophic’
* Sen. Warren opposes Fed’s Powell for second term
* Sharp rise in bond yields is challenging investor confidence in big tech firms
* Rising commodities prices lift risk of stagflation for global economy
* Analyst says data shows rise of indexing inflated a stock market bubble
* US home price gains continued accelerating in June, up 19.7% from year ago
* US Consumer Confidence Index continues falling in September:

Macro Briefing: 28 September 2021

* Senate Republicans block legislation to avoid government shutdown
* Will Dems drop fight on debt limit to avoid government shutdown?
* Treasury and Fed heads set to warn that Delta variant slowing economy
* Europe’s energy crisis is warning for US, says gas trader
* US bank mergers expected to reach highest level since 2008
* Power outages in China create challenges for factories
* US durable-goods orders rose sharply in August
* Brent crude oil (international benchmark) tops $80 a barrel–highest since 2018:

Macro Briefing: 27 September 2021

* House will vote this week on infrastructure bill approved by Senate
* Germany’s center-left party claims narrow win over Merkel’s party
* Is risk rising for a US debt default?
* Nomura’s chief China economist cuts forecast for Chinese GDP growth this year
* China may now be the biggest risk factor for emerging markets
* New US home sales rose for a second straight month in August
* Conditions may now be favorable for rising yields
* US 10-year Treasury rebounds to 1.47%, near three-month high:

Book Bits: 25 September 2021

The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance
Eswar S. Prasad
Q&A with author via Bloomberg
Q: Why is there such urgency for central banks to develop digital currencies?
A: The reality is that the end of physical cash is not too far away. We are seeing digital payments in various forms beginning to dominate in economies small and large, developing and advanced. So I think for central banks, if you think about their money being used at the retail level, this is at some level an existential question. Central banks will still be able to conduct their main functions and maybe they can continue doing so without having their money being used for retail payments, but having a CBDC has a variety of advantages.

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