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Exploring Alternatives To The US 60/40 Benchmark: Part I

There’s been an ongoing debate in recent years about the prospects for the US 60/40 stocks/bonds benchmark, which has become a staple for portfolio analytics. There’s much to criticize here, and arguably the weaknesses of the 60/40 standard are mounting in an increasingly global and complex world. But for good or ill, the 60/40 mix is a common reference point. The question is whether it’s time to move on? Yes, but that’s the easy answer. Next question: What portfolio benchmark should replace it?

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Macro Briefing: 9 September 2021

* Treasury Secretary Yellen warns US may default on national debt in October
* US oil output remains squeezed due to ongoing fallout from Hurricane Ida
* Fed’s Beige Book reports higher inflation and slower growth
* Factory-gate price inflation in China rose to 13-year high in August
* Emerging markets split between hawks and doves on dealing with inflation
* Britain set to lose status as one of Germany’s top-10 trading partners
* State Street announces it will buy Brown Brothers Harriman Investor Services
* US job openings rose to a new record high in July: