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Is The “Most-Anticipated” US Recession In History Still Lurking?

Late last year, and into early 2023, the crowd was all in on the inevitability of a US recession starting in the near future. A Bloomberg headline captured the zeitgeist as the new year dawned: “The Most-Anticipated Downturn Ever.” But as September draws to a close, the current business-cycle nowcast continues to indicate low risk as the economy chugs along.

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Macro Briefing: 26 September 2023

* Moderate Republicans plan to work with Democrats to avert Oct. 1 shutdown
* Buying a home or car is “unaffordable” for typical American, says economist
* China and Europe try to reduce trade tension
* Nissan plans to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2030
* Soaring demand for critical metals raises ethical challenges for investors
* Biggest long-Treasury ETF plunges as bond rout deepens
* Texas manufacturing activity rebounds in September via Dallas Fed survey
* US economic activity slows in August: Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index:

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