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Book Bits: 6 April 2024

The Investor’s Dilemma Decoded: Recognize Misinformation, Filter the Noise, and Reach Your Goals
Roger D. Silk and Katherine A. Silk
Summary via publisher (Wiley)
Few aspects of life are as important as personal finance, as subject to your control, and as suffused with misinformation, noise, and confusion. Now, authors Dr. Roger D. Silk and Katherine A. Silk cut through that confusion and share with you the fruits of their knowledge and experience developed over the last 43 years. After completing a Ph.D. at Stanford where he studied at the cutting edge of finance theory, Dr. Silk’s experience includes managing billions of dollars at the World Bank and running a family office for one of the nation’s wealthiest families. For the last 26 years as CEO of the nation’s leading firm which advises high net worth individuals on financial and other aspects of their philanthropy, Dr. Silk has worked with countless individual investors and financial professionals. Katherine Silk, who holds a master’s in history from Stanford, adds a valuable and often-missing historical perspective.

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