A New Research Service For Monitoring Recession Risk

Starting today, The Capital Spectator is offering a subscriber-only research service for monitoring US business cycle risk—The Business Cycle Risk Report. Regular readers are already familiar with the monthly updates of this data—see the August review, for instance. The monthly reports will continue to appear on CapitalSpectator.com, but now there’s a higher level of service that will keep you informed in real time. For details, including subscription options and a sample issue that’s hot off the press today, click on the “Premium Research” tab above or follow this link.

Updates will generally be published once a week. In periods of unusually volatile economic conditions, when the macro winds are especially turbulent, BCRR will be published more frequently—on a daily basis if necessary.

On that note, today’s issue shows that business cycle risk is elevated vs. recent history, but still well short of the tipping point. But in these turbulent times, a lot can change in a short period and so staying informed on the mother of all known risk factors is essential. At just $39 a month (or $99 for 3 months), keeping an eye on big-picture macro risk–with an objective, time-tested methodology–has never been so affordable.

What’s the rationale for subscribing when you can see the monthly updates for free? Ask yourself a simple question: Do you really want to wait weeks for a robust signal telling you that a new recession has started? The good news: you don’t have to. Subscribe to the The Business Cycle Risk Report today!