A Time-Out For The Capital Spectator…

Family responsibilities came a-calling last night. My beloved mother, Eva Picerno, passed away. Her 94 years finally caught up with her. But she went peacefully, in bed, watching her favorite show—Dancing With The Stars. Her passing isn’t terribly surprising—the finale came after a long, slow decline. But her New England spirit kept her optimistic and cheerful to the end. Her graceful exit comes nearly three years after my dad, Joseph, slipped over to the other side. I miss them terribly. As the only child of loving, devoted parents, I was given a great gift. But now duty calls one more time for my mom and it seems appropriate to take a breather from macro and markets. At some point, soon after the Memorial Day holiday, these pages will again be buzzing with the usual commentary and number-crunching. Meantime, in honor of my mom, The Capital Spectator will go dark in the days ahead as your editor transitions from sober-minded analyst to grieving son struggling to say good-bye one last time.


9 thoughts on “A Time-Out For The Capital Spectator…

  1. John Brueggeman

    James :

    My condolences on her passing. My father passed two months ago and each day it gets better. Please don’t stop your writing, it is fantastic.

    Best regards,

    John B.

  2. Tony Earnst

    Dear James. I know you will miss your mom very ,very much. You were so blessed to have great parents and a mom who lived 94 years. May you be comforted by others as you say good by to her in this earthly existence. I read your column everyday, which I found from Austin Pryor. May Peace comfort you these days-Tony Earnst.

  3. Sasha

    So sorry to hear James, strength in the coming days and months, the loss of a parent is always very hard. They were at one stage in your life, the first parts of course, your entire universe. Take care, your broader community’s thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Philippe

    My condolences on your loss. I read your blog quite a bit but have never left a comment. I thought I’d also mention that I appreciate the clarity of thought you bring to the analysis of the markets. Keep up your good work.

    Best regards,


  5. Powder Creek Boy

    Best of luck in the days ahead. I am an only child and I lost my parents also. I have some perspective on how you are feeling.

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