Book Bits: 12 February 2022

Money, Magic, and How to Dismantle a Financial Bomb: Quantum Economics for the Real World
David Orrell
Summary via publisher (Icon Books)
Money has many apparently magical properties. It can be created out of the void – and vanish without so much as a puff of smoke. It can flash through space. It can grow without limit. And it can blow up without warning. David Orrell argues that the emerging discipline of quantum economics, of which he is at the forefront, is the key to shattering the illusions that prevent us from understanding money’s true nature. In this colourful tour of the history, philosophy and mathematics of money, Orrell demonstrates how everything makes much more sense when we replace our classical economic models with ones based on quantum probability – and reveals the explosive reality of what is left once the illusions are stripped away.

The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution: Reconstructing the Economic Foundations of American Democracy
Joseph Fishkin and William E. Forbath
Summary via publisher (Harvard U. Press)
A bold call to reclaim an American tradition that argues the Constitution imposes a duty on government to fight oligarchy and ensure broadly shared wealth. Oligarchy is a threat to the American republic. When too much economic and political power is concentrated in too few hands, we risk losing the “republican form of government” the Constitution requires. Today, courts enforce the Constitution as if it had almost nothing to say about this threat. But as Joseph Fishkin and William Forbath show in this revolutionary retelling of constitutional history, a commitment to prevent oligarchy once stood at the center of a robust tradition in American political and constitutional thought.

Your Money Mentors: Expert Advice for Millennials
Russell Robb, et al.
Summary via publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Your Money Mentors offers advice for millennials and their parents on how to succeed in the years post college graduation. Co-written by a millennial, and based on the author’s sixty-plus years of experience in finance, the collective advice is full of data, current research, anecdotes, and suggestions regarding mentors, continuing education, internships, careers, starter jobs, setting financial goals, budgeting, and money matters concerning marriage. The book is presented in three parts: Foundations for Success, Careers, and Making Your Money Work

The Trades of March 2020: A Shield against Uncertainty
Alex Gurevich
Summary via publisher (Houndstooth Publishing)
Have you ever wondered what happens in the command control of a global macro hedge fund when US stock markets plunge 35 percent in just three weeks? Welcome to the mind of Alex Gurevich, Founder and CIO of HonTe Investments. As tragic events unfolded around the world, the pandemic ruptured the sequence of price action and devoured financial markets like a black hole. Through Gurevich’s personal narrative and the team’s actual Slack messages, The Trades of March 2020 follows their frenetic efforts to survive the crisis.

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