I offer consulting services for individuals, wealth managers and institutions for research and analysis in:

* Portfolio design/management/evaluation
* US business cycle analysis
* R-based analytics/coding
* Translating bloated Excel files into efficient, easy-to-manage R code
* Managing/streamlining data flow/collection and creating graphics

If you’re looking for research assistance on these and related subjects, I can help. My forte is providing research support on topics related to asset allocation, rebalancing, ETF/mutual fund selection, and risk management. I also specialize in monitoring/evaluating recession risk in the US economy using a set of proprietary indicators based on econometric analysis with a proven record of real-time success. Another service is advising on managing your data collection/importing efforts and creating customized graphics with automated features in R. Whether you need ongoing analysis/support or require an objective second opinion to review your existing strategy/model or general data management tasks, I’m available on an as-needed basis.

Examples of services I offer include:

* Analyze market trends for enhancing portfolio rebalancing rules
* Quantitative evaluation of investment strategies
* Design/model quantitative strategies in R
* Monitor recession risk with a proprietary econometric model
* Provide assistance in bespoke research projects
* Editorial services for developing customized research papers
* Design automated system for generating customized charts/graphics
* Support/education for transitioning to R from Excel for data analysis

The initial consultation is free. Give me a call or send an email with specific questions to learn more.

— James Picerno
caps -at-