The year is almost over, but some forecasts warn that the economic challenges have only just begun. For some perspective on what to expect, we spoke earlier today with Bob Dieli in today’s episode of The Inside View, the third installment in our new podcast talk show.
Dieli’s a familiar presence on these digital pages. We last checked in with Bob on December 2, when CS summarized his take on the challenges of trying to measure and survey the current state of the business cycle. When he’s not talking with your editor, Dieli heads up RDLB Inc., his Lombard, Ill. economic consultancy that publishes its research at NoSpinForecast.com.
Bob’s career in the dismal science began in the late-1970s, when he specialized in the challenge du jour: inflation. These days, deflation seems to be the bigger risk, as we discussed last week. Yet Dieli’s not convinced that deflation is now fate for the U.S. economy, even if the latest batch of consumer prices suggest otherwise, as we discussed last week. For his reasoning, along with some thoughts on the economy generally, come pay a visit to The Inside View…

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