Initial Guidance | 10 October 2014

The world economy: Weaker than it looks | The Economist
Growth is healthy in US & Britain. But most of the world economy is in trouble
OPEC Oil Price Lowest Since 2010 | Wall Street Journal
The average price of OPEC oil has fallen to its lowest level since Dec 2010, just before a string of Arab uprisings pushed oil prices above $100/bbl.
Merkel Hints at Economic Policy Shift in Germany | NY Times
As evidence grows that the German economy, the largest in Europe, is beginning to stall, Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed a growing willingness on Thursday to use government spending to stimulate growth, a possible shift in position that could ripple across the entire eurozone.
ECB’s Nowotny: would not rule out QE perpetually | Reuters
European Central Bank policymaker Ewald Nowotny would not rule out forever a policy of quantitative easing, or printing money to buy government bonds.
Is China’s Bubble the Next Financial Crisis? | Bloomberg
The Chinese credit boom has rapidly turned the country into one of the developing world’s most indebted, according to a new report from London’s Centre for Economic Policy Research.