Introducing The ETF Asset Class Performance Review

The Capital Spectator today is rolling out a new weekly research service: The ETF Asset Class Performance Review. The details on subscription information are available at This weekly newsletter reviews the performance trends of all the major asset classes and their principal subcategories through the lens of a representative list of ETFs. Take a look for yourself: the inaugural issue is free at: There’s also a dedicated link to the newsletter in the upper right-hand corner of The Captial Spectator’s home page under the “Premium Research” label.

The distinctive feature of The ETF Asset Class Performance Review (EACPR) is its singular focus on providing a weekly summary of returns and related data for all the major asset classes and their main subcateogires in a format that’s designed for those of us who manage and analyze multi-asset class portfolios. A crucial task on this front is monitoring how the various pieces of the portfolio have changed in relative as well as absolute terms. Generating this critical information can be challenging in terms of the time and effort for crunching the data. No longer. EACPR does all the work and presents the analytical results at the end of each week in a clear and user-friendly format. A few minutes reviewing the newsletter offers a deeper understanding of how the global markets have evolved. In turn, you’ll have an enhanced view of the trends for deciding how and when to rebalance your portfolio. Overall, the newsletter transforms what can often look like confusion and chaos in the global markets into a concise and focused summary of charts and tables. Think of the newsletter as your weekly intelligence update for making rebalancing decisions.
Each weekly issue of EACPR reviews the price trends across the spectrum of asset classes and displays the data in a way that makes it easy to keep your strategic focus up to date. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be discussing why EACPR is such a valuable tool for helping you stay abreast of market activity across asset classes in a time-efficient manner. Meantime, here’s a brief preview of what you’ll find in the newsletter.
Each issue of EACPR starts with a broad look at the global capital and commodities markets, moving on to more narrowly defined categories. No matter how you manage asset allocation, you’ll find a relevant mapping of the global markets in EACPR. Each page of the newsletter is dedicated to a particular market perspective, beginning with the major asset classes and on to US equities by capitalization, US equities by style and sectors, foreign stocks by region, and so on. In all, there are 14 market perspectives. In addition, every issue includes a recap of an investable version of the Global Market Index—a passive, market-value-weighted portfolio of all the major asset classes, based on a set of proxy ETFs. You’ll also find a summary page of return spreads that track the relative performance of US stocks with other key markets, including US bonds, foreign stocks, etc.
The core of the newsletter is the presentation of data in tables and charts for the week just passed and the trailing one-year period (based on the last 250 trading days). Whether you’re looking at the page for the major asset classes, US stocks by capitalization, foreign bonds, or any other corner of the global markets, you’ll find a consistent and intuitive format that presents deep perspective on relative and absolute performance history. For additional context on market activity, each page offers a summary of how the target markets stack up in terms of moving averages and a select list of technical indicators. Near the end of the newsletter, a brief summary of all the indicators is provided for reference. Overall, the main focus is providing a quick review, in data and charts, of market activity.
I’ll be offering detailed guidance in the days to come on how to use EACPR to enhance your strategic investment perspective. Meanwhile, I encourage you to look at the inaugural issue and consider its unique presentation of data. The newsletter is designed to take you on a guided tour of the world’s markets, every week, starting with a broad overview of the major asset classes and proceeding through increasingly narrower slices. I’m sure you’ll agree that EACPR is an unparalleled tool for staying informed on market activity in search of timely rebalancing opportunities.
Over the past months, in developing and testing the software that generates the newsletter’s data and charts, I’ve come to rely on EACPR for maintaining perspective on the global markets. See for yourself with a free look at the first issue here:
Finally, keep in mind that customized versions of the newsletter are available, based on a set of ETFs and/or data analytics of your choosing. For more information, email us at: