Macro Briefing | 10 October 2019

Turkey invades northeastern Syria; US says it didn’t approve the assault: BBC
Turkey’s Syria invasion ends fight against ISIS: Foreign Affairs
United States’ and China’s top trade negotiators set to meet today: Reuters
US considers a currency deal as part of China trade negotiations: Bloomberg
Fed officials considered rising recession risk at bank’s Sep meeting: The Hill
US Q3 GDP growth estimate slips to weak +1.7% in GDPNow model: Atlanta Fed
Falling German imports in Aug highlight recession risk: Reuters
US job openings fell to a 1-1/2 year low in August: Reuters

One thought on “Macro Briefing | 10 October 2019

  1. Sandy Leopold

    Perhaps the job openings and the lower GDP estimates should be read together. They seem to be telling us that the economy is slowing down in a meaningful way. It does not mean that recession is just around the corner, but could tell us the job market is not going to continue to grow at the pace we have become used to.

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