Macro Briefing: 12 June 2023

* Inflation forecasts show pricing pressure easing slowly in May
* Bond investors disagree with Goldman Sachs’ low-recession forecast for US
* Despite recession warnings in key indicators, US stocks keep rising
* China faces economic headwinds as paying down debt picks up speed
* Manufacturers around the world are struggling with lower demand for products
* US House of Representatives paralyzed from conservative revolt
* Silicon Valley considers if technology has reached the point of singularity
* US stock market closed at 10-month high on Friday:

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the idea that the central bank should consider raising its 2% inflation target is a risky proposition amid ongoing efforts to tame pricing pressure. “I would think that if the Fed announced tomorrow that it was raising the inflation target, that would destroy its credibility,” he tells The New York Times.