Macro Briefing: 13 November 2023

* US launches more strikes on Iran-linked groups in Syria
* House GOP unveils plan to avoid a government shutdown
* Moody’s cuts US credit outlook to ‘negative’ despite reaffirming AAA rating
* China consumption rebound slowed, business confidence lost momentum in Oct
* US and Indonesia discuss possible deal on electric-vehicle minerals
* Foreclosures surge in risky corner of commercial property market
* Renewable energy firms suffering a rough earnings season
* US Consumer Sentiment Index falls for fourth straight month in November:

Morningstar forecasts US inflation will “return to normal without a recession.” As part of its new economic outlook, the consultancy advises that “inflation’s effect to fade through the end of 2023 and into 2024 after it reached its highest level in over 40 years in 2022.” The expected drop in inflation is “driven principally by the unwinding of price spikes owing to supply chain resolutions, along with a moderated pace of economic growth resulting from the Federal Reserve’s tightening.”

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