Macro Briefing | 17 January 2020

Trump impeachment hearing begins in Senate: WSJ
Second death reported in new SARS-like virus in China: CNN
China’s GDP rose 6.1% in 2019, slowest gain since 1990: CNBC
Worrisome decline in UK retail sales continued in December: Bloomberg
US jobless claims continue to fall, indicating strong labor market: CNBC
US home builder confidence slips in January but remains bullish: CNBC
Trend growth in US import prices remained subdued in December: Reuters
Philly Fed Mfg Index rose sharply in January: Philly Fed
US retail spending accelerated in Dec to annual 5.8% increase — 1-1/2 year high:

2 thoughts on “Macro Briefing | 17 January 2020

  1. Mike

    I really enjoy your blog but just wanted to point out that the Trump Impeachment story has no business being at the top of a macro headlines list. I would leave it out or put it at the bottom of the list…imho

  2. James Picerno Post author

    I respectfully disagree. Although I do keep the political noise to a minimum, the fact that US Senate has formally begun an impeachment trial of a US president is macro-related news. Although it’s long odds, the potential for removing a president–and thereby introducing uncertainty on multiple fronts has geopolitical and geoeconomic implications. In short, this is news. Covering the minutiae as the story evolves day to day isn’t.

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