Macro Briefing: 17 November 2023

* US soft landing for economy possible, says Fed Governor Lisa Cook
* Fed may cut rates as soon as March: Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel
* Avoiding China has been a winning strategy for emerging-markets investing
* Industrial production fell in October, driven lower by worker strikes
* US homebuilder sentiment in November drops to 11-month low
* US jobless claims rise to three-month high:

Crude oil fell sharply on Thursday (Nov. 16), trading at a four-month low. “The oil production surveys for October have been showing increasing amounts of OPEC+ production and combined with higher inventories in the USA and worries over demand, prices have been falling,” says Andy Lipow, president at Lipow Oil Associates. “When the market broke through $78, the selling accelerated as programmed trading kicked in.”

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