Macro Briefing: 19 April 2023

* Atlanta Fed’s Bostic: one more rate hike and then a hold ‘for quite some time’
* China’s shrinking population has implications for the global economy
* World’s first tax on imports based on greenhouse gases approved in EU
* About 27% of Americans nearing retirement have no savings
* Meta will conduct another mass round of layoffs at Facebook, Instagram
* Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model estimates US growth for Q1 was solid 2.5%
* US housing starts pull back in March, close to three-year low:

US housing market shows signs of stabilizing at relatively depressed levels. Although overall housing starts in March fell to a level that’s near a three-year low, construction of single-family homes — the main components of housing starts — increased for a second month and newly issued permits for these units surged. Meanwhile, starts for housing projects with five units or more fell while the inventory for multi-family housing under construction is at record highs. “There is a hint here that the baton is maybe being passed from rental construction to construction for home purchase,” Conrad DeQuadros, senior economic advisor at Brean Capital, tells Reuters. “None of this is to suggest a strong revival in housing activity, but it does support the view that the worst of the declines may be behind us for now.”