Macro Briefing: 19 February 2024

* ‘Soft landing’ debate for US economy in focus again after latest reports
* New signs emerge that America’s shale-oil boom is peaking
* US says it will react if China dumps goods on global markets
* China reports record upsurge in travel, which may presage stronger growth
* China’s central bank leaves key policy rate unchanged
* Regional banks are vulnerable to risk tied to commercial real estate lending
* US natural gas prices plunge amid warm winter weather
* US producer price inflation rose more than expected in January:

Younger adults grew their wealth at a sharply faster pace than older Americans in the wake of the pandemic, due primarily to holdings in stocks, according to a new study published by the New York Fed. “We examine wealth dynamics from 2019:Q1 through 2023:Q3 for three age groups: 18-39, 40-54, and 55 and over,” the report explains. “eal wealth has increased for all three age groups since 2019, but the change has been most dramatic for younger adults (see chart below). For individuals 39 and younger, wealth increased by 80 percent. In contrast, it grew by only 10 percent for those aged 40-54 and by 30 percent for those 55 and over.”

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  1. Kateryna

    What factors contributed to the significant wealth growth among younger adults compared to older age groups, particularly in terms of their holdings in stocks?

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